What is The Wheelchair Project?

100 million people in the world need a wheelchair, 65 million people cannot afford one.

The Wheelchair Project is a truly unique CSR team building opportunity for organisations to make a real difference in the world and, at the same time, build team morale, cohesion and purpose.

In 2,5 hours, your team will not only learn about the need for and why people end up in wheelchairs, but also learn how to use a wheelchair designed for off-road, and change someone’s life by being a big part of a donation of an actual wheelchair.

Designed for teams of up to 100 people. We travel to your team – all over Germany and Europe.

This event is absolutely ‘real’ and connects your team in a powerful way through a common purpose. Your team will be proud of their achievements and that their company chose to make a difference this way.

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What’s in it for Me / Us?


The knowledge that you have made a real positive difference in someone’s life. A wheelchair is so much more than just a chair, it opens the door to education, employment, healthcare and social opportunities. Everyone should have access to the dignity, freedom and independence that mobility brings.


Your team will feel good about themselves, their colleagues, their company and what they have all accomplished together. This is not just a short-term feeling – this event will be remembered for months and years to come.


A raised awareness of what it is like to live with a disability and, thus, empathy with people less fortunate than us. When linked to ‘purpose’ the event may also raise awareness of each person’s purpose within your company and the company’s purpose overall.

What’s in it for your Organisation


This team building event helps emphasise that, by really collaborating behind a common goal, a team can achieve better results. The event is run NOT as a competition between smaller teams, but as a collaborative exercise for the entire team.


The recipients (‘customers’) of the wheelchairs your team will be donating have very specific needs and quality concerns. Your team needs to keep these at the forefront when customising the part of the wheelchair which will be fitted to the actual chair being donated..


Improved team morale – by being fully involved in such an amazingly positive CSR cause, people feel good about themselves, their team and the company they work for.
We experience that 99.99% of participants finish the event feeling like they’ve made a real difference in the world.

How Does The Event Work?

After a short opening presentation to set the scene, the bigger team will be split into groups of 4-5.

The teams will use a customised app on iPad to learn about the need for wheelchairs and each team will have a ‘case study’ of a past wheelchair recipient to discover. 

These case studies are all different in nature (i.e. one is a child with polio, another an adult man who lost his legs in a tribal war, another crippled due to an accident, etc.).

Here are a couple of examples of case studies:



By answering a quiz about their case study, the team will then ‘earn’ the replica wheelchair that they will use plus a Wheel Safety Cover which the team will customise.

Every participant will use their wheelchair over a small indoor course in the room simulating, in a small way, the conditions they would experience in a developing country. They will also complete a couple of challenges using the chair. This provides more depth to their understanding of their wheelchair recipient.

Teams will personalise / customise the Wheel Safety Cover. This safety cover gets attached to the actual chair that they are sponsoring and is not also an important safety feature for the recipient, but also reduces the ‘fear’ and stigma that a wheelchair can produce.

Once all teams are finished with practicing and with the customisation of their Wheel Safety Cover, each team will choose one ‘rider’ to participate in a Time Trial against other teams. This adds a bit of action and more fun to the event.

Teams will then make a short presentation of their case study to the rest of the teams (using photos and videos on the big screen). This way, the entire team gets to learn about the breadth of issues with regard to mobility and the reasons why.

A moving closing presentation rounds out this philanthropic event.

Then What?

The actual chairs that are used on the event DO NOT get shipped (it makes absolutely no financial or logistical sense to ship assembled chairs from where they are manufactured to Europe and then to where they are needed – plus, chair assembly in developing countries provides employment).

Each team will receive a photo of the recipient of their sponsored chair – 100% guaranteed.

Who Provides the Wheelchairs?

We work solely with The Walkabout Foundation. This amazing organisation has enabled over 16,000 wheelchairs to be distributed to people in need. You can learn all about them here.

What does it Cost?

Wheelchairs cost €250,00 each. This payment CAN be made as a donation and you CAN receive a donation receipt. This donation is accepted by Give Dignity gGmbH.

For every 10 people in your team, one wheelchair is provided / donated. Therefore, for example, if you have a group of 40 people, you would donate 4 wheelchairs. Of course, you can always donate more wheelchairs if your budget allows.

Additional Costs: There is a cost to cover event resources. This is €15,00 per person. Lastly, there are the costs of your facilitator and travel. These costs are NOT considered as a donation.

Now What?

Simply get in touch with us for an obligation free quote or to discuss your event. Either use the Contact Form button below, or call Chris on 0152 534 545 90.